Complete Denture FAQs

Will I be able to chew my food the same way I do with my natural teeth?

You will be able to chew your food with complete dentures, but it may be a bit more difficult. People with natural teeth can bite down with 5-6 times as much force as those with dentures.

Will I need adhesives to keep my dentures in place?

Yes and no. Complete dentures gain retention by a peripheral seal. This seal generally creates a suction, and no adhesives are needed. However, a peripheral seal and suction cannot, in most cases, be adequately achieved with the lower denture. This is because of the tongue’s strong and continuous movement.

Will complete dentures cause discomfort or pain?

Even when complete dentures are made using the best techniques, it is not uncommon for them to irritate the gums during the first few days or weeks. An adjustment period is to be expected, and we will schedule appointments for you to come to have pressure areas eliminated, allowing you to avoid as much discomfort as possible.

Will my complete dentures look natural?

Yes. Our complete dentures are made of the highest quality materials and denture teeth. We ensure that they look not only natural but also very aesthetic as we customize each set to fit your smile.

How do I take care of my complete dentures?

Artificial teeth, like natural teeth, should be cleaned and well maintained daily. Dentures should be removed after every meal and thoroughly cleaned with a brush and liquid soap or denture paste. We will provide you with a specially designed brush and container. In addition, we will give you specific instructions on how to keep your dentures clean, stain-free and fresh. Failure to properly care for your dentures could cause them to stain, absorb odors and accumulate calculus (hard deposits), negatively affecting their appearance.

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How should I store my complete dentures at night?

Complete dentures should be kept submerged in cold water after you have thoroughly cleaned them. There are commercial products available, such as cleansing effervescent tablets, that can be added to the water bath.

Should I sleep with my complete dentures in?

No. Dentures should be removed from your mouth before you go to bed. This is important because the gum tissues need time to “breath” and recover. There are reports of patients who have developed oral lesions from wearing their dentures 24/7. In worst-case scenarios, such lesions are pre-malignant or malignant in nature.

How long will my complete dentures last?

The life expectancy of complete dentures is approximately 5-6 years. However, this will depend on several factors, such as the patient’s oral hygiene habits and the way in which the dentures are maintained. Generally, after 5-6 years, dentures should be replaced with a new set. Occasionally, dentures can be relined (a clinical and laboratory procedure that reestablishes the fit and extends the life of the dentures) provided the artificial teeth are in good condition.

Once I get my complete dentures, how often should I visit my prosthodontist?

Typically, an annual examination is recommended. It is important for us to evaluate your mouth and dentures regularly even if you are not having any problems. This helps us detect the development of oral conditions when symptoms aren’t visible. We may recommend an oral examination at shorter intervals, depending on the case.