Full Mouth Reconstruction

“I plan on living a long life at a high level of fitness”. My quality of life is already improved and I believe I will maintain this quality of life much longer because of my quality dental health. What you did is nothing short of amazing and I greatly appreciate you and the outcome of your efforts. -R.Y. Austin, TX

 Full Mouth Rehabilitation before and after
 Bottom teeth before and after restoration

All On Four –Dental Implant Rehabilitation

At a very young age I recall having dental issues… I had several dental injuries in sports in high school that required my front teeth to be capped, root canals, tooth removals, ECT. Over the next 30 years problems continued and I had hit and miss dental work done that tried to keep me from having tooth pain but didn’t resolve major issues. I was aware and had been told by dentists that I had a serious overbite that was eroding my lower front teeth, the stop gap work that I had done and the eventual removal of most of my back teeth made this problem worse. In my early 50’s the erosion of my lower front teeth became a real problem to the point where the lower front teeth were 50% gone. I tried to seek some remedies for this but was eventually told that there was little that could be done. Some additional temporary measures could have been taken but I was advised that the high cost would not resolve my long term issues and was advised that normal dental procedures would not work any longer. In April of 2011 (I met) Dr. Pharr. Let me say at this point that my overall experience with Dr Pharr has been great. Dr Pharr assessed my condition and cautioned me that my case was serious, unique and would be challenging but that he was willing to do what could be done to give me the best outcome. He advised me that the treatment would be long, especially since I didn’t live in the area. And explained to me be that the cost would be expensive. I was impressed by Dr. Pharr’s professional caring demeanor, he made me feel confident that I was finally going to receive an outcome that would be for the long term. We worked out the best treatment plan that would be the most cost effective. I was also pleased to find out about the Care Credit finance option which helped me a great deal. Dr. Pharr and I agreed that a lower implant denture and an upper removable denture would be my best option. As the treatment progressed I had my teeth removed was provided temporry dentures during the healing of my gums, had implants placed and eventually received my permanent dentures. The bottom line is that my experience with Dr Pharr was excellent. I feel at this point that I will have a good future with my new teeth. I have a new good smile and a new confidence in my dental health and appearance. -R.H. San Antonio, TX

A patient's smile before and after all on 4 implants


I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate what you have done for me, and how well you did it…. You gave me back my natural smile and a feeling that I can not only smile, but I can talk without thinking I’m showing a mouth full of teeth. The “Fixodent” people have lost a long time customer who now eats without worrying about her teeth popping up. I was especially impressed with the procedure you used to allow my mouth to help design the dentures step by step, thus obtaining a very good fit. Your detailed explanation of each step along the way not only made me feel part of the “team” but encouraged me at the same time. Your mannerisms with you patient are extremely good and relaxing. I always felt that I was not just a ‘case,’ but rather someone that you truly had desire to help. I cannot thank you enough for your patience with me, and the professionalism you displayed throughout our “dental journey.” -M.J. San Marcos, TX


I recently visited Prosthodontics of Texas and I couldn’t be happier with my visit with Dr. Mendez. I can’t say I ever look forward to going to the dentist, but my mood was immediately put at ease when I entered the office.  The staff provided a friendly greeting and the office was clean and professional. My appointment was for tooth cleaning as well as a fitting for a night guard, to prevent teeth grinding. I consulted with Dr. Mendez before the cleaning and you could tell he took pride in his work by how prepared he was and his attention to detail. I never felt rushed and I felt like the appointment was individually catered to my needs.

The hygienist was friendly, thorough and gentle.  It can get uncomfortable getting your teeth cleaned but Jessica made sure I was always feeling OK.  I was surprised that Dr. Mendez stepped in to check on the cleaning more than once.  My teeth felt spotless by the time we were done and I was even given compliments for how my teeth looked!

My appointment with Dr. Mendez was great!  He was extremely professional and friendly.  He listened to all of my concerns and we came up with a plan to help me protect my teeth from nighttime grinding.  I felt like he truly cared about my health.  Dr. Mendez was gentle and meticulous during the whole appointment and he was able to make me a perfectly fitting night guard.  He took his time and you could tell that he has a lot of experience in his field.  I will definitely visit him again for any future dental work. 

Overall, I’m beyond satisfied with my experience and I would highly recommend Prosthodontics of Texas to anyone needing dental treatment. 

April O.