Guided Dental Implants in South Austin

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Dental implants allow patients who have experienced tooth loss to regain their fully functional and natural looking smiles. Implant dentistry is one of the latest advancements in tooth replacement, and our guided implant placement systems have taken this innovative procedure one step further. Our oral surgeons use guided implant surgery technology to locate optimal implant positioning, secure the best aesthetic outcome, and reduce overall surgery time.

What is a guided dental implant?

Customizing treatment and making decisions according to your unique case is our specialty. Guided implant technology allows our surgeons to see the structures of the jaw, teeth, and surrounding tissue, ensuring proper placement of the implant and minimizing the risk of unexpected complications.

Guided dental implants are placed using detailed impressions of your oral structures.

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Freehand vs. Guided Dental Implants

From the initial cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT) scans that are analyzed by our oral surgeons for implant placement planning to the intra-operative procedure itself, guided implant surgery ensures precise and accurate implant placement. We use the information gathered by our cone beam scanner to:

  • Evaluate bone and vital structures.
  • Ensure there is adequate bone for implant placement.
  • Verify the safety of important structure and nerves.
  • Determine the best locations for implant placement.
  • Reduced surgical time because a precise template eliminates guesswork.

Am I a candidate for guided dental implants?

Come in for a consultation in which we can perform a full evaluation of your oral cavity, review your medical records, and determine if guided implants are the best option for you. If you decide implants are a good fit, guided implant technology allows us to ensure you experience a desirable outcome, by using computerized software to fully visualize the anatomy surrounding the implant locations and plan accordingly. Our cutting-edge technology helps our doctors to pinpoint the exact position of planned restorations before positioning and placing implants.