Dental Implant FAQs

Will I be able to replace my missing teeth with implants?

Our prosthodontist partners with a surgeon to evaluate each case and determine if there is adequate bone to place a dental implant. If so, you may be a good candidate for this treatment.

How do you determine if I have adequate bone for an implant?

In addition to examining your mouth, we use advanced imaging technology, such as cone beam computed tomography or CB CT scan.

Once my teeth are removed and I get implants, will I need to brush my implant bridges?

Yes. There are several reasons why you and your dentist must care for your implant prostheses (artificial teeth retained by implants). The main reason is that implants, like teeth, may get infected and fail if neglected. However, dental implants have an impressive success rate when they are properly cleaned and maintained.

Is it difficult to clean implant crowns and bridges?

Most implant restorations are as easy to clean as natural teeth, and there are more intricate implant bridges that require extra dedication. Your prosthodontist and his staff will provide you with clear instructions on how to successfully clean and maintain your dental implants and prostheses for many years.

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Are implant bridges a good substitute for rotten or decayed teeth?

There is nothing like natural teeth, but dental implants are an excellent substitute for teeth that are no longer healthy or restorable. Implants are able to anchor (integrate) to bone, and as a result, they can be used very successfully in supporting dental crowns and bridges.

Will I be able to chew again after all my loose or decayed teeth are removed and I get dental implants and fixed bridges?

Yes. Replacement of diseased teeth with implants and fixed bridges is a highly successful treatment. Patients can enjoy comfort, good function (chewing efficiency) and a natural appearance. They are an excellent substitute for complete dentures because of their ability to handle extreme pressure and the  superior comfort they provide.

I will be losing an upper front tooth which will affect my smile. Will I be able to get an implant and a tooth the same day the tooth is removed?

The technique of removing a front tooth and replacing it with a temporary tooth (crown) the same day is very common and often recommended.

Is it possible to have removable bridges or dentures with implants?

Yes. There are several removable treatment options that include implants. Some are very simple and easy to maintain. Generally, the larger the number of implants used, the more retentive and stable the removable denture. In our practice, we offer a variety of different implant treatment options to choose from. We will discuss them with you and recommend the design that would be the most successful for your case.

How do I clean and maintain my implant crowns, dentures or bridges?

Your prosthodontist and his professional staff will provide you with detailed oral hygiene instructions.

Will I have to return to the prosthodontic office for further treatment after my implant restorations are finished?

Yes. Dental implants should be closely supervised by your dental professional, much like regular cleanings and exams lead to healthy natural teeth. Maintenance is of paramount importance for preventing disease and correcting minor problems if they arise.

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